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Manipulating Images with PHP and GraphicsMagick 

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One of the things I like best about PHP is its support for a diverse array of tools and technologies. Take, for instance, image manipulation. Like most developers, I’ve known for a while that PHP comes with GD support for basic image generation and processing tasks, and I’ve even used it on occasion to dynamically create images from a base template. However, I recently needed to write some code involving cropping, resizing and otherwise torturing images and while researching the topic, I came across another PHP extension for image manipulation: the GraphicsMagick extension.

Based on the robust, multi-threaded GraphicsMagick library, aka the “Swiss Army knife of image processing”, PHP’s GraphicsMagick extension allows developers to add street cred to their image (sorry, I couldn’t resist!) with some fairly powerful API methods. This article discusses the extension in detail, introducing you to its key functions and showing you how to rotate, resample, transform, crop, carve, and otherwise mangle your images until they roll over and beg for mercy. So come on in, and bring your evil laughter with you!

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