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How to Elevate Your Website Design Process and Results 

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This tutorial will guide you through the process and ideas behind the designing a professional website with a funky flair in Photoshop. The tutorial will read much like a "choose your own adventure" novel in the hopes it will encourage creativity and uniqueness in your design with a little advice and instruction along the way. Adventure time!


One thing you will notice as you proceed through this tutorial is how easily this website could be transformed to a blog about design, a software company’s homepage or an open source community. All of the modules on the right and left sidebars could be swapped and moved around with ease and the content is designed to be flexible.

Throughout this tutorial you will see a big emphasis on the design principles and useful Photoshop methods to improve your workflow and design of web sites. While this site has its own style, the main aim of this tutorial is not to replicate that style exactly, rather the hope is that you gain a better perspective of web design in Photoshop that can improve your approach and quicken your production.

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