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Create a video preview as animated GIF with FFmpeg and PHP SPL

About one year ago, I had to create animated GIFs as a preview of a video for a media portal. I recently stumbled upon the code I wrote and thought it was probably worth sharing. It makes a rather unconventional use of the SPL Iterators, proving how flexible they are.

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50 Useful Tools and Generators for Easy CSS Development

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Тьма сниппетов для вэб-разработчиков

Большая коллекция сниппетов (готовых к использованию кусков кода) для вэб-разработчиков.

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How to Create Totally Secure Cookies

Securing cookies and sessions is vital to keeping an application secure. Many tutorials have been written on the subject, but as the internet (and browsers loading it) evolve so do the methods you can use to keep your application secure.

In this article we're going to break down the various components of a cookie and what they mean for security. This will include limiting the cookie to certain domains and paths on those domains, choosing what information to store, and protecting the cookie from cross site scripting exploits. In a second article we will go into more depth in how to protect everyone's favorite cookie, the session ID.

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