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Настройка PhpStorm для удобной работы с фреймворком Yii

Описание настройки популярной IDE PhpStorm для удобной работы с фреймворком Yii.

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Yii - перехват запросов. Динамическое изменение конфигурации.

В статье рассказывается как, добавив всего 5-6 строк кода, заставить Yii вызывать ваш обработчик перед передачей управления любому контроллеру.

Эта возможность открывает очень большие перспективы - вы можете создать систему сбора статистики, блокировать нежелательные запросы (роботов, скачивалок сайтов, пинг-сервисов, просто отдельных пользователей по IP или приложения по User-Agent), защищаться от DDoS-атак, производить любую предварительную настройку фреймворка или обработку запроса. Например, с помощью этого механизма можно очень легко организовать механизм элиасов...

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Использование мультиязычности в Yii

В сети полно тем о том как использовать мультиязычность в Yii (вот например), но мне нужно было простое и гибкое решение. Нужно просто переключать язык перевода в конфиге в зависимости от корневой директории, без переделки существующих контроллеров.

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Работа с построителем SQL-запросов в Yii

Построитель запросов Yii предоставляет объектно-ориентированный способ написания SQL-запросов. Он позволяет разработчику использовать методы и свойства класса для того, чтобы указать отдельные части SQL запроса. Затем, построитель собирает отдельные части в SQL запрос, который может быть затем выполнен вызовом методов DAO.

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Использование механизма событий в Yii

Статья описывает различные способы использования механизма событий в фреймворке Yii. Приводятся примеры создания собственных событий и обработчиков.

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Маленькая библиотека, упрощающая отладку AJAX-запросов

PHP and Web Development are perfectly married but Ajax interactions have always been difficult to debug. Applications like Firebug are extremely useful to deploy, debug, and generally for Web Applications development. These kind of softwares are still running via browser but both JavaScript and PHP require hard test, being dynamic programming languages, as dynamic is an Ajax interaction. There are several ways to debug Ajax calls but honestly I have never found one able to be integrated without effort and easy to manage directly via JavaScript and/or Firebog or whatever console is there...

This is the reason I have created a single, well tested, widely compatible and fast Error Debugger, where all we need to do is to require_once this single file for each Ajax called page. Everything else will become so natural that you will ask yourself why on earth nobody created such simple solution before. Most advanced PHP frameworks integrate an error manager able to make deploy and debug easier. Unofrtunately, too often these frameworks are not that simple to configure or are not scalable enough, even if what we are trying to do is extremely simple. For these cases and every other, Formaldehyde could be integrated without effort, at all! To better understand how Formaldehyde will change our daily WTF during Ajax interactions, words cannot compete with code and images.

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20 Fresh jQuery Plugins to Enhance your User Interface

The great thing about jQuery is that talented jQuery developers often release new and useful plugins on a regular basis. jQuery plugins are not only easy to implement, but easy to maintain even when used throughout large sites.

In this article, we share with you a list of 20 useful jQuery plugins that were released recently that could help you for your next web project. There are various types of plugins here such as modal windows, image galleries, auto complete for form input, bookmarking functions, preloaders, and more. Enjoy!

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5 Steps to secure your PHP powered website

Unfortunately there will always be some one out there on the world wide web who will attempt to break any thing they can find on the Internet so you owe it to your visitors/members to ensure nothing malicious is being hidden on your site and there info isn't being stolen. In this article i will cover 5 important steps you need to take to make sure your web site's secure.

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Latest Javascript Resources For Web Designers And Developers

Javascript and jQuery plugins are very important resources nowadays for designers as clients want everything to be dynamic and modern. They are important also for their versatility and the possibility to create incredible new features with them.

I like to bookmark for myself all the new things that are launched in this particular industry so I can keep up with the advancements and I’m happy to share these bookmarks with you in an attempt to help you with your projects.

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Underscore is a utility-belt library for JavaScript that provides a lot of the functional programming support that you would expect in Prototype.js (or Ruby), but without extending any of the built-in JavaScript objects. It's the tie to go along with jQuery's tux.

Underscore provides 60-odd functions that support both the usual functional suspects: map, select, invoke — as well as more specialized helpers: function binding, javascript templating, deep equality testing, and so on. It delegates to built-in functions, if present, so modern browsers will use the native implementations of forEach, map, reduce, filter, every, some and indexOf.

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