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75+ Tools for Visualizing your Data, CSS, Flash, jQuery, PHP

Most people would agree that the old adage “A picture is worth a thousand words” is also true for web based solutions. There should be no discussion – Charts and Graphs are ideal to visualize data in order to quickly deliver an overview and communicate key messages. Whatever type of data presentation you prefer or suits you data (pie charts, bubble charts, bar graphs, network diagrams etc.), there are many different options but how do you get started and what is technologically possible? 

In this article tripwire magazine present more than 75 Tools for Visualizing your data on a website and most of the options available will be covered. If you are aware of a tool, script etc. that deserves to be added to the list I would kindly ask you to leave a comment to everyone’s benefit. 

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How to Access Google Calendar With PHP Using Google API

Google calendar is a very useful calendar service. It is easy for web programmers to interact with this calendar. You can use simple techniques like embedding calendars on your site. You can also interact on an entirely different level by using PHP and the google API's. Zend Framework provides a good place for the beginning and advanced PHP programmer to make this connection.

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Build an RSS 2.0 Feed with CodeIgniter

In this tutorial, we will build a RSS 2.0 Feed with the PHP framework CodeIgniter. After this tutorial, you will be able to build a feed for any custom website in no time at all.

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rapyd минималистичный HMVC-фреймворк для PHP разработчиков

Часто встречаются ситуации когда нужно к существующему сайту, написанному неизвестно-кем на неизвестно-чем, добавить какой-то минимальный функционал, например, форму сбора данных о пользователях или подписки на рассылку. Писать это "с нуля" на чистом PHP бывает лениво (т.к. это не творество, а чистой воды рутина), а разворачивать полноценный фреймворк для решения такой примитивной задачи просто пошло.

В таких случаях на помощь приходят мини-фреймворки. Они, с одной стороны, позволяют существенно ускорить процесс разработки, с другой - их размер не столь велик, чтобы о нем беспокоиться. Один из таких фреймворков и лежит за ссылкой ниже.

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Простой урок по созданию галереи на jQuery и PHP

Статья представляет собой урок по созданию симпатичной галереи изображений для вэб-сайта. По сегодняшним меркам, в статье нет ничего сверхестественного, но для начинающих будет весьма полезно.

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10 сниппетов для работы с Twitter

В статье представлены сниппеты на различных языках (в основном - PHP), для выполнения различных операций с популярным сервисом микро-блогов Twitter.

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Manipulating Images with PHP and GraphicsMagick

One of the things I like best about PHP is its support for a diverse array of tools and technologies. Take, for instance, image manipulation. Like most developers, I’ve known for a while that PHP comes with GD support for basic image generation and processing tasks, and I’ve even used it on occasion to dynamically create images from a base template. However, I recently needed to write some code involving cropping, resizing and otherwise torturing images and while researching the topic, I came across another PHP extension for image manipulation: the GraphicsMagick extension.

Based on the robust, multi-threaded GraphicsMagick library, aka the “Swiss Army knife of image processing”, PHP’s GraphicsMagick extension allows developers to add street cred to their image (sorry, I couldn’t resist!) with some fairly powerful API methods. This article discusses the extension in detail, introducing you to its key functions and showing you how to rotate, resample, transform, crop, carve, and otherwise mangle your images until they roll over and beg for mercy. So come on in, and bring your evil laughter with you!

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Компонент, облегчающий использование Bootstrap в Yii

Если вы в своих проектах на Yii пробовали использовать CSS-фреймворк Bootstrap (от создателей Twitter'a), то наверняка знаете, что чтобы "подружить" встроенные в Yii классы с этим замечательным фреймворком, приходится делать массу лишних телодвижений - при каждом использовании виджетов, им приходится передавать пачки параметров для правильного назначения классов.

Но теперь появилось решение - специальный компонент, который значительно упрощает этот процесс. Просто посмотрите на примеры кода на сайте разработчиков и сами все увидите. 

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How to make people login into your website with their Google account

OpenID provides a safe, elegant and easy way for people to login into your website without having to fill in a registration form. They just have to have an account to one OpenID provider, a Google account for instance, and they will login into your site with this account.

I will show you how to implement it with Google accounts, but the source code is exactly the same for other providers (such as Yahoo!), you just have to change the URLs.

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Five common PHP design patterns

Design patterns were introduced to the software community in Design Patterns, by Erich Gamma, Richard Helm, Ralph Johnson, and John Vlissides (colloquially known as the "gang of four"). The core concept behind design patterns, presented in the introduction, was simple. Over their years of developing software, Gamma et al found certain patterns of solid design emerging, just as architects designing houses and buildings can develop templates for where a bathroom should be located or how a kitchen should be configured. Having those templates, or design patterns, means they can design better buildings more quickly. The same applies to software.

Design patterns not only present useful ways for developing robust software faster but also provide a way of encapsulating large ideas in friendly terms. For example, you can say you're writing a messaging system to provide for loose coupling, or you can say you're writing an observer, which is the name of that pattern.

It's difficult to demonstrate the value of patterns using small examples. They often look like overkill because they really come into play in large code bases. This article can't show huge applications, so you need to think about ways to apply the principles of the example -- and not necessarily this exact code -- in your larger applications. That's not to say that you shouldn't use patterns in small applications. Most good applications start small and become big, so there is no reason not to start with solid coding practices like these.

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